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(i) The Committee shall normally meet once monthly at such place and time as the Chairman may decide.  Notices for such meeting may be by card, 'phone or verbal provided that at least four clear days notice shall be given.

(ii) The Chairman, or in his absence the Vice-Chairman, shall preside at all meetings of the Committee.  In the absence of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman the meeting shall elect its own Chairman from among its members present.

(iii) The quorum for Committee Meetings shall be five, which must include at least one Officer.

(iv) An Officer or member of the Committee who, without reasonable cause, absents himself from three consecutive meetings shall be deemed to have resigned from his office and the Committee shall fill the vacancy by co-option of the member with the next highest number of votes at the Annual General Meeting, or as it may otherwise determine.

(v) In the case of equality of vote on any motion at a Committee or General Meeting, the Member presiding shall have and exercise a casting vote as well as a deliberate one.

(vi). In the event of an appeal being made to the next Annual General Meeting by any person aggrieved, the decision of the Committee shall remain in force until the matter has been decided on by the General Meeting.

(vii) No person shall be eligible for any office or membership of any Committee unless he is a fully paid up member and must be a Club Member for a Minimum of Five Years. Only Adult Members shall be entitled to vote on any motion at any meeting of the Association except in the case where a motion before the Annual General Meeting is for the raising of the Juvenile membership subscription.

(viii) Persons who have not attained their sixteenth birthday are not eligible for any office.

(ix) The Committee may appoint sub-committees as it deems necessary or expedient including a Committee for Youth.
Should the Committee not designate the Chairman, the Sub-Committee shall elect a Chairman from amongst its Members at its first meeting. Any member or members of the Association may be appointed to serve on a sub-committee.

(x) The Committee may suspend any Member of the Association offending against the Constitution or the Rules of the Association or any Bye-Laws made in accordance with the Rules subject to the right of the person aggrieved to appeal as set out in Rule 4 (e). It may also re-instate members suspended by them.

(xi) The Committee may refuse membership to any applicant without stating reasons subject to the provisions of Rule 4 (e) setting out the right of appeal.

(xii) The Committee may summon an Extraordinary General Meeting in accordance with Rule 8, section II (a).

(xiii) The Committee is further empowered to give a ruling on any matter appertaining to the Constitution or the Rules of the Association which may be referred to it.

(xiv) The Committee may co-opt not more than two additional members in any one year apart from those co-opted under Section 5(iv); such a   co-opted member only to hold office for the term of office of the Committee to which he is co-opted provided that the co-opted member runs for election to the Committee at the next Annual General
Meeting and, if not elected, he may not be co-opted during the following year.

(xv) Any contingency not specifically covered in this Constitution and Rules may be dealt with on its merits by the Committee.

(xvi) Officers or Committee can only serve the Club if he or she is not an official or committee member of any other Club.