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(a) A fully paid up member is one who has paid his subscription for the current year. Subscriptions paid in one year are current until the last day of January in the next year.

(b) The annual subscription for adult Members shall be a minimum of €35 and for Juveniles up to the age of 18 years and O.A.Ps €20 and family membership is now available for €50.  In addition to the Annual Subscription, there shall be a charge of 50% of current Annual Subscription (i) to new adult members who wish to join the Association and (ii) to lapsed adult members who wish to rejoin the Association.

(c) Members shall furnish such information as to fish caught by them as may be required from time to tome by the Association.

(d) All notices required by this Constitution and Rules shall be deemed to have been properly given to members if forwarded to the members by prepaid post at the address given in the Register and shall be deemed to have been delivered two days after the date of posting.

(e) Every member suspended or otherwise aggrieved and every person whose application for membership has been refused, shall have the right of appeal to the next Annual General Meeting.  Notice of Appeal must be lodged with the Hon. Secretary within twenty one days of receipt of Notice of Suspension or other action taken by the Committee.

(c) 2009 Ballymote & District Angling Club